This site is a field guide to my life as a composer, but also a guide to the many ways in which my works are shaped and made. It contains some of my drawings that form such an important part of my process and research, which in turn lead to performances and recordings. It is a series of sonic and visual portraits , a natural biography that illustrates my ongoing contact with nature. News and reviews completes this home guide!
My music is an embodiment of realisation and sensation. If I composed with my sense of hearing alone, it would be something else, but it isn’t. In particular, my sense of sight is deeply-linked with my sense of sound. In fact, the process of writing my music is invariably preceded but what I call ‘acts of drawing’ (see ’Drawings’). Both Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky found it useful to visualise music. Both made drawings of sound; both studied in many disciplines in order to find new ways of forming.

These two visual artists have been enduring ‘primers’ for my own ‘take’ on musical composition. Observation-study-theory, precedes invention. So my music is the product of a collective of thought and sensation. I am very inspired by many composers and genres. But if there is one binding and synthesising factor in my admiration for other composers’ music, it is that music’s connection between things in general, and the dynamics of nature in particular.

A great deal of my inspirational journeying is in the field. Almost everything that I have composed in the past 15 years has been directly influenced by my place in the natural world and its place in my musical imagination. Idea; being there: comes before action. I’ve tried to make this web-site as honest and direct as possible.

Nothing that I can write or say can compare with the musical and visual realisations of a life-work concerned with communicating with you, the listener, the musician, the (on)looker. I want you to share my experiences; to ‘be there and in it yourself’.